We have many ways of honoring our mothers on Mother’s Day, such as with beautiful tulips. Aside from that, did you ever think that one day you might write a book about your mother? It’s very satisfying and here are 16 reasons why: (In upcoming blogs I’ll tell how I did it, so you can do it too.)

  1. You are an expert on the subject.
  2. You will be recreating a loving bond and passing it along to others.
  3. You will be following the “honor thy … mother” phrase of the Fifth Commandment.
  4. You will be using a latent talent that will make you and others proud.
  5. You will find out more about your mother’s traits and your own DNA.
  6. You will gain knowledge about the family you come from.
  7. You will find out more about the love that brought you into being.
  8. You will gain a new perspective on the times when your mother lived
  9. You will be using more of your time creatively.
  10. You will be happy, thinking about what to write while you do menial chores.
  11. Even your sleep time will be fruitful, as you wake up with new insights.
  12. You will reconnect with others who knew your mother.
  13. Your book will bring you readers and new friends.
  14. You will be keeping your mother’s name and memory alive.
  15. You will gain a new appreciation of the progress of life, generation to generation.
  16. You will be saying thank you and sharing on behalf of all of us and our mothers.

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