Bryan A. Wood 

Here’s a book written by a man who has learned to be open and articulate about his emotions.  He leads us down into mind-numbing machine-gun duty in Afghanistan, then back up his unique, inspired journey to sanity and bliss.

I discovered Bryan Wood ‘s book, Unspoken Abandonment, as a Memorial Day promo but it has a powerful core of good advice for Fathers’ Day or any time celebrating human relationships.

Certain male and female figures emerge as being helpful and inspiring while others pile more stress, anxiety and despair on to a soul. Without giving away the book’s plot, here are my picks.

The least helpful, inspiring female:

The marine’s wife who, when asked to send a specific item, instead sent other things, delayed, promised, lied and strung her man along. Evidently she was unaware she was trifling with his  life and death.

Advice: Make Father happy by trying to get exactly what he said he would like. 

The most helpful, inspiring female:

The policeman’s girlfriend who asked him what was his biggest childhood regret. This gave him a chance to tell her a great story, having to do with a video game now off the market but she found it.

Advice: Ask  this question and listen. A good gift fills dreams and seals love.

The least helpful, inspiring male:

A sergeant at the American base where marines were sent for treatment and rehabilitation who was so cruel they wanted to go back to Afghanistan. There they were at least not humiliated, muted  and deprived of their rights.

Advice: Appreciate, strengthen and celebrate the good friends and family you have.  This rotten apple made enough enemies to cook his own goose. 

The most helpful, inspiring male:

The father who gave his son the tightest hug they had ever had the night he left for Afghanistan and made him promise to come back alive. “I love you and I need you to come home. So you do whatever you have to do over there, but you come home,” he said. When the son returned, the father was proud, relieved beyond words and  wore a smile that never faded.

Advice: Love inspires people to keep going no matter how deep their troubles.

Happy Father’s Day!