Self-Congratulations, USA!


(The all-inclusive ‘we’ means all of us living on the North American continent, both above and below the 49th parallel.)

Almost half of all Americans were hoping fervently that Mitt Romney would be elected and we got Barack Obama instead.

Why were so many of us hoping for Romney?

1. He looks like us and like all American presidents have up until 2008; his skin is white.

2. He’s a multimillionaire and carries the aura of success about him; give him power and we’ll be white, rich and successful too 

3. Fears had been drilled into us; Obama stood for darkness, mongrelism, paganism, otherness, shiftlessness, socialism, communism, nazism, atheism, apocalypse, the chaotic nightmare of debt, laziness, dependency and flooded boundaries …

So how come Obama won?

1. He looks good; he smiles and cries.

2. He became a winner in life, even without advantages; give him power and we’ll work our way up out of trouble too

3. Confidence and trust surged unhidden; on November 7, 2012 we woke up from a nightmare. We are back on real, familiar ground and feel optimistic about starting a new day.

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