The view out towards Athol Doune Dr. in Aylmer...

The view out towards Athol Doune Dr. in Aylmer, Quebec, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

24-hour strategy for ducking in and out of a snowed-in nest

  1. We were invited to a free rehearsal of Mozart’s Requiem last night, as new donors to the National Arts Centre. Orchestra Conductor Pinchas Zuckerman led the musicians right through the performance without stopping. Then he went back over the bars that needed perfecting. From the best seats in the house, we saw the orchestra members dressed like ordinary guys — picture the bass soloist booming away magnificently from underneath his baseball cap.
  2. Heavy snow won’t stop falling. We are ‘plugged’ in because the ‘snort’ doesn’t stop when it plows past our shoveled-out driveway. Words in single quotes are my husband’s jokes. (We’re funny here in Aylmer.)
  3. Stand Up is the name of a program of the health services department of the Province of Quebec’s government. Aging people often are badly hurt or lose their independence as the result of a fall. We did exercises for balance, stretching, flexibility (particularly of the toes, feet and ankles) and strength. Outsiders think Quebec ignores the English but this program is in our language. The old monastery at the foot of our street has been changed into a beautiful senior’s residence and that’s where we gathered. Out of 18 taking part, my husband was the only  man. The others in town must be “too big to fall.”
  4. Dinner to-night will be vegetarian chili. You can make this easily if  you have time to cut up and sauté onions, garlic, celery, a pound of mushrooms, green and red peppers. Add red kidney beans, canned tomatoes,tomato sauce and chili powder and just let it snow — er, stew. It’s a healthy heart recipe.
  5. We wish you happy hours and we invite you to stay awhile with us around our ‘foyer’ (wood stove inside the front door).

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