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Raymond Coderre, President of Baico Publishing Consultants Inc., is closing his retail book store for Canadian titles. He will concentrate on online marketing, author advice and distribution channels for both paperback print and e-book titles.

When we popped in to  find out how the copies of my book had been selling he was dressed impeccably in suit, collar and tie and greeted us as genially as ever. But my heart sank to see the ‘closing sale’ signs and realize it was the last time.

  • Baico will publish e-books for Kindle and Kobo, for example, as well as paperbacks at the same location, 294 Albert Street, Suite 103. It takes pride in “professional, friendly, warm, personable” service.
  • The street-level retail store is closing. No more author signings at the perfect location with Treats next door. Two or three ‘walk-in’ customers a day are not enough.
  • Check out for (1) how to submit a manuscript for publishing and what the rates and royalties are (2) the catalogue of dozens of fresh, intriguing Canadian titles, with cover pictures and author information
  • Huge boxes of books go out to Chapters locations across the country from Baico headquarters regularly. Staff are busy handling the publishing, packaging and returns.
  • “What is the ideal, not-too-expensive place to hold a book fair in Ottawa?” is a question that still stumps Coderre. Ever innovative, he is flexible and alert to changes in the industry and has solved many other problems. He set up Baico in 1997 after retiring from the federal civil service (with what used to be called the Queen’s Printer). Baico has been a success filling the niche of giving support to local authors.

Incidentally, he sold five out of the 10 copies of A Book of Kells: Growing Up in an Ego Void which I had placed with him and paid me promptly so he is  in this author’s good books. Good luck, Raymond!

This blog post adds to the mystery of why anyone would entitle their family memoirs A Book of Kells: Growing Up in an Ego Void and Kathleen’s Cariole Ride.

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