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Color photos taken at 10 a.m. on 24/03/14 and 27/11/13

Perhaps you’ve noticed this has been a long winter. I’ve had a bad shoulder which has prevented me from working on the computer. It’s getting better now and soon I won’t be able to use it as an excuse for hubby having to do the housework.

The last blog I wrote was on November 27 and I called it “Ah! Gardener’s Serenity”. I think it was prescient, because as we looked out of the window at the snow we didn’t know it would be a famous winter. We just celebrated relaxing  and not having to take care of the lawn.

The only piece I have written since I came out of hibernation is a book review of So This Is Love by Fiza Pathan. She is a remarkable writer, only 25 years old. If you would like to see my review and immerse yourself in beautiful verses about love gone wrong but being survived, look her up on 

Over the winter, I’ve enjoyed joining two writers’ clubs — my first ever — and taking up playing bridge again. I stopped playing years ago because I don’t like following rules and have trouble remembering them. 

However, a strange thing happened. When our friend, Bob Brown, died, his widow Wendy mentioned in the obituary that they had met on a blind date while playing bridge at the home of their friends, (guess who?) back in 1959. It is amazing how many people read the Globe & Mail and noticed that gossipy item! When our friends, Bruce and Ruby, saw it and insisted we come over for dinner and a friendly game of bridge, I succumbed. Hint: I get over my bridge anxiety when Ruby, rather than hubby, is my partner.

Our best harbinger of spring is  the Christmas Cactus. What an intelligent house plant! It started  to bloom as soon as it got an equal quota of daylight and darkness. I call it the Equinox Plant.

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Getting serious, I don’t think there will be another referendum in Quebec, I am deeply opposed to antisemitism because I don’t want another Holocaust to happen and I think that the words of the Bible are imaginative, not descriptive, literalism. Now those are peaceful suggestions.