This is a good book for all-time, so why not Easter (coming up April 20th)?


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Sometimes you find a novel (like The Year of the Rabbit by Flo Lyon which I’ve just finished reading) so  satisfying and gripping it makes you laugh and cry. You want to tell the story over and over again. You adopt, lend and share the book with others.

Why did it affect you and me that way? How did the writer ensnare you and make you care so much by using only words?

Colm Toibin gives some clues in an article he wrote in the New YorkSunday Times entitled What Is Real Is Imagined and I’ve added my two bits’ worth:

1. Source: The novel-writer is communicating from nervous system to nervous system, not just from brain to brain.

2. A Shape takes possession of the author‘s mind; it is the god-given shape of any good story. As a human being, you (the reader) instinctively know what this…

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