Little Girl in a Sailor Suit

Photo of Kathleen Kell, Portsmouth, England, 1904

Happy Mothers’ Day !

My mother Kathleen Elizabeth Kell is the heroine of my real life and of my books. Her life was “not a life, it was a cariole ride.” How we go on loving you, Mom!

She used many sayings and passed on a metaphorical turn of mind.

A cariole is an ancient sled created by Aboriginals in Alaska. It was called a nubougidan and was the original toboggan. Here is an excerpt from my parents’ story as my father prepares for my mother to come to Canada in 1928:

“Father whet Mother’s appetite for Canada by raving
about two northern delicacies the Indians shared with him,
moose nose and baked sturgeon. He had had the new toboggan
converted into a cariole, the most comfortable conveyance

The apple of a person’s eye is something they cherish beyond everything else.

We wish your family a happy mothers’ day whether or not you live in a part of the world that celebrates it officially on May 10.,,