Blossom Anew as a person who is smarter, more skilled and keen as a kid! With an 11-oz., 5″x8″ iPad, all this is in your purse or pocket. The apps for what’s described below are free. Here’s how my life has changed since my family  gave me the iPad for a milestone birthday. Dream that this can happen to you too! You need less technical know-how than for using a computer.

People and Lilies Can Grow on Pads

People and Lilies Can Grow on Pads

The iPad User …

1. Is Smart and Efficient

  • Read all you want
  • Carry a library of tens of thousands of books everywhere you go.
  • Make them the best books ever written.
  • Choose to read whichever one you like.
  • Read them with the built-in e-reader you also carry.
  • Don’t bother with a bookmark; the iPad will save your place.
  • Fill your life’s dream; read all the books you ever wanted to.
  • Find out whatever you want to know.
  • Have at your fingertips an encyclopedia of knowledge.
  • Keep up with the daily news, local or worldwide.
  • Look up anything you’re curious about.
  • Never be bored or ignorant.
  • Settle arguments by consulting the experts.
  • Deal with your everyday problems and emergencies.
  • Get the weather report, recipes, fix-it and build-it advice, tips on raising a family, anything else.

2. Is  a  Good Friend

  • Have a Gmail account with unlimited storage, easily organized with archives and trash.
  • Remember people. Put the names, addresses and birthdays of friends into the contact list.
  • It will automatically put the birth dates in your calendar for you.
  • Also enter appointments and events in the calendar.
  • Make phone calls and Skype calls from the iPad wherever you are, if connected. Just ask for the password if you’re visiting elsewhere.

3. Has Multiple Skills

  • Take videos and photos of expert quality.
  • Be the family record-keeper. The iPad shows when and where the pictures were taken.
  • Multi-task, keep up with chores like making lists or calls wherever you are.
  • Navigate with the use of maps.
  • Take notes of meetings or speeches.

4. Does Business  (As an author in my case)

  • Network by collecting names, addresses, phone numbers, interesting tidbits.
  • Make sales, accept payment by e-mail transfer on the spot.
  • Take pictures of colleagues at book fairs etc. and e-mail them a copy.
  • Show pictures from your iPad album to back up your sales pitch.

5. Relates Well to Kids

  • Lend them your iPad so they can play their favorite games.
  • Let them take photos, videos and pictures with crazy special effects.
  • Laugh with them.
  • Ask their advice. They know more about this device than you do.
  • Keep in touch with them by email, Skype and sending family pix and cute items from the Internet back and forth.

6. Enjoys Life to the Full

  • Find, play and save whatever music you like to listen to.
  • Follow your favorite sports events by video, TV and radio broadcasts. Get schedules and scores.
  • Wherever you travel, having your iPad with you will make it memorable, organized and carefree as never before.
  • Play online games.
  • Discover and connect with the world even if you can’t travel.

7. There’s More

  • Personal growth has no limits. Your iPad is yours alone.

8.  My Favorite Feature

  •  Being able to give a little tap on the screen when I wake up and immediately see what the weather is like and what appointments I have for the day.

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