Getting interviewed on local radio boosts an author up onto the Cloud.

  • Even if you do not get a big live audience, it will be stored on the Cloud
  • From there you down can download it via iTunes to your computer and pass on the link
  • Your interview can end up being heard anywhere at any time.
  • For me, the secret was to find a publicist to give me a contact list, advice on how to write a pitch and put in a good advance word.

The happy result was I spent a  Sunday Night with Rabbi Bulka on his radio program of that name. He is a world-famous psychologist and congenial talk show host. Now, thanks to the miracle of pod casts, everyone can “listen live” to the secrets of my parents’ love affair, the subject of our chat and my books.

A long list of his expert interviews with all sorts of people is available on CFRA  so you need never again spend a Sunday evening alone, not being wrapped up in an absorbing topic.

As well as having a PhD in Logotherapy and having authored some 30 books, Rabbi Reuven Bulka is famous for converting American radio talk show host Laura Schlesinger to orthodox Judaism some years ago. (Years later she recanted.)

He asked such good questions that even I experienced new, exciting emotions when I tuned in later to hear myself retell the story. The Rabbi started our chat by tackling the problem of competing with the Super Bowl. He told the audience he had an interesting, fascinating guest who was a “young senior.”  They all wanted to watch the football game, he knew, so he would make a deal. They could keep the TV on with the sound off and listen to us at the same time. He would give them an update on the score after each break. It would be the best of both worlds. “Let’s do it,” he said, “this is more important”.

To land this interview, I contacted a publicist friend, Randy Ray. For the modest amount I could afford, he  gave me a list of local media people and some phone consultation. I promised not to share the list of 10 news outlets, 33 programs, names, job descriptions and co-ordinates I could never have found on my own. Even though I have lived in this area for over 45 years, and so has Rabbi Bulka, I had never discovered him.

I emailed my two-page pitch to the likeliest prospects and got three good results. Just as Kathleen’s Cariole Ride was published in 2012,  Daytime TV on Rogers community cable channel  booked me  on Jan. 10 and  Sunday Night with the Rabbi on CFRA radio on Feb. 5. The online newspaper, True North Perspective, ran my entire pitch, carefully edited, on Jan. 20.

Tapping into local media is one of the best moves I’ve made as an independent writer marketing a Kindle book.

The instructions for downloading our interview to your own computer are clear. Scroll down to Feb. 5, 2012. I had no trouble listening online, then downloading iTunes for free, and then the program . It took only about two minutes, although the interview lasts 45.

With modern technology, interviews survive on blogs, websites, social media and the Cloud. Users of local media are beaming up at the world and it is beaming back.

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