Being a minister’s daughter is a life full of social and personal pitfalls with exaggerated penalties hanging over her head. Writers seize the juicy topic of a sweet girl as a focus for the battle between good and evil. George Orwell couldn’t decide whether his The Clergyman’s Daughter itself was good or bad. First he banned it from publication, then let it go because his heirs needed the money. In Emily of New Moon, L.M. Montgomery didn’t resist getting a snicker from the idea of a minister’s daughter eating grapes from around a grave and riding on a pig. The whole tragedy of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter centers on a strict religious community’s revolt against an embryo in a womb who turned out to be an accidental minister’s daughter.

Off to church in Toronto, 1941. A minister, his wife and girls are all set to hop over from the manse to the United church next door to start the Sunday morning shift in the pulpit, at the organ, in the Sunday school and choir.

The latest addition to the literature is Julie Hearn’s The Minister’s Daughter. The reviews describe it as a real potboiler with a surprise ending. One thing is for sure, it has a great cover. hearnministersdaughter

Inside, the reader is reminded of witchcraft, conflicting religions and the perceived sinfulness of sex, children and women in our history. Minister’s daughters came to public notice after the Protestant reformation brought in Christian churches with no policy of celibacy for clergy, just a lot of moral hang-ups around sex.

My book about a minister’s daughter will break the mold because it is autobiographical. First I brought it out as a subtitle but now I have decided to do more research, expand, publish and release it to fly on its own.”Growing Up in an Ego Void” actually means “Growing Up as a Minister’s Daughter”. Right now I’m wondering what the cover and title should be. Book front2

What I hope to add to the world of writing is:
1. Practical tips for minister’s daughters trying to survive.
2. A contribution to the genre of identity literature. Charlotte Bronte, an Anglican curate’s daughter who wrote the classic, Jane Eyre, is credited with being the first to write about woman’s independence, a theme that still resonates today.
3. Insights for psychologists trying to help minister’s daughters who have fallen into depression because of their stressful role.
Conventional wisdom is that the minister’s daughter is clueless about the world but actually she has social skills and has learned how to manipulate a whole community. Jane Austen, an Anglican rector’s daughter, is still guiding us with her books, such as Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.

My nonfiction story will be dramatic, entertaining and dedicated to all minister’s daughters, especially those who were aborted in a more cruel past because of the delicate situation.

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