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You may want to run out and buy some pancake mix, not just because stormy blizzards are coming but also because tomorrow, Feb. 17th, is Mardi Gras, aka Pancake Day, Shrove Tuesday or Fat (Gras) Tuesday. If you do, you’ll be taking part in the revelry of  Carnival (carne levare) , a last fling before putting away fleshly things like meat and sex during the sombre days of Lent leading up to Good Friday. In  medieval Christianity, you had just until midnight on Tuesday to splurge!

Here are some quotes from Mark Twain:

Mardi Gras is a relic of the French and Spanish occupation; but the religious feature has pretty well been knocked out of it now.”

“The very feature that keeps the Mardi Gras alive in the South — girly-girly romance — would kill it in the North or in London.”
From Life on the Mississippi, 1869

They’ll make good conversation pieces if you decide to celebrate the bad weather by having a pancake party (assuming you still have power.) You could even make them ahead of time and serve them cold with syrup.

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