“The Past, the Present and the Future went into a bar…” An Irish joke and a new mystery thriller, High Crimes, come  from Dublin author David Lawlor just in time for St. Patrick’s day.

A Writer of History

David Lawlor authors the very intriguing blog, History with a Twist. It’s full of stories about unexpected events and people, what David calls ‘celebrating the bit players of history’. When I discovered that David’s latest novel has a contemporary setting, I asked him to provide his perspective on the differences he experienced in the writing historical fiction versus contemporary. Here he is to tell us about it.


I heard a joke the other day, which seems quite apt right now – The Past, The Present and The Future walk into a bar … it was tense. Okay, it may not be the best joke ever but as someone who has been writing about the past for quite a while now and who has just dipped his toe into the modern world with my latest novel, I liked that joke.

Tan by David LawlorUp to now, my books have been set in the…

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