The author stands on the grounds of the 6th century Abbey of Kells

You never know when you will make a connection. If channels for selling your book seem stale, why not search farther afield? I’ve just returned from a trip to Ireland, where the roots of my family memoir, A Book of Kells, lie. This email from the Tourist Office in Kells (Meath County) Ireland was in my email box this morning:

Good afternoon Margaret,

Thank you so very much for the copy of your book you left at the tourist office here in Kells. It is our Bank Holiday on Monday, so we have a long lazy weekend. If the weather holds I intend to sit in the garden, with my feet up devouring every word therein.

I was intrigued as soon as I saw the cover as my father, his father and various ancestors all served in the Navy. So can’t wait to find out all about your father in particular.

I will email you next week and tell you how I got on. And I will pass the book around the staff and my friends in Kells.

 Thanks again, and very kind regards,

 Doreen Fitzsimons

Kells Tourist Office

I’m looking forward to corresponding with Doreen. She is an expert on all things connected with The Book of Kells and obviously, an extremely nice person.

This blog post adds to the mystery of why anyone would entitle their family memoir ‘A Book of Kells: Growing Up in an Ego Void’. (Our surname was Kell and I am a preacher’s kid. There’s some doubt over whether we originated in a community of ninth century monks.)

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