Marty is a very intelligent cat. Anyone can see that.

Marty is a very intelligent cat. Anyone can see that.

One of my favorite bloggers, John Malone of Australia, a poet who writes The Wallah of Whimsy, wrote about how important it is for an author to get positive feedback from readers. This gives them the energy and inspiration to continue writing.

This week I got a wonderful boost and cat picture from a new reader of mine who took the pictures of A Book of Kells traveling around which I posted in this blog recently.

Now she has finished the book and sent me these rave remarks:

“I was just blown away by the ending of your book, a very unexpected twist, unexpected by your skillful setup. The end of the book has so much energy and brazen personality because it was about you — and you know yourself best. It was a fantastic, high momentum journey and I loved it. Thank you for having the courage to share it!  Several parts really resonated with me, others I just enjoyed.”

Everybody needs a good summer read and every writer needs readers like mine but few are so lucky! I think I’ll write a new book — seriously! More about that in next week’s blog.

Happy Reading from Cozybookbasics!