green-stepsThrow away your word counters and clocks to get best results for National November Novel-Writing Month. Call up all your sources of inspiration and all else will follow. These eight steps work for me:
1. While other people and chores claim your time during the day, use the spare moments you have to look up facts and research ideas on the Internet, or read a passage from a book yours will compete with.
2. Eat regularly and do not resist naps. This will prevent you from getting up for snacks or losing focus when you do sit down to write.
3. Go to your computer only when the pressure of inspiration ushers you there. It is the only and best motivator.
4. Have a walk; dozens of stray thoughts will energize your head during the exercise here and back from the corner store or beyond.
5. Go to bed when the rest of the household does. Sleep soundly. When you wake up, don’t look at the time but get straight to work. Have a flashlight by your bedside in┬ácase it’s dark. You don’t want to stumble or put a light on and awaken someone.
6. Start at the beginning of your manuscript, reading over what you have done for the enth time. Correct mistakes, improve flow and pace, fine-tune word choice and word order.
7. Continue writing where you left off last time. You will know without the help of a word-counting program that your output is charged and prolific. As you go, save each chapter on your computer and on a jump drive, then put it away.
8. Don’t budge until some person or activity (or clock!) claims your attention to real, everyday life. You will have produced a bounty of good work! Start the routine again the next day

Happy reading and writing from Cozy Book Basics