Jack would be a long, lonely journey for Jack from the white cliffs of Dover back to the Indian reserve in Oxford House, MB

Jack had come courting, was rejected and felt banished. It would be a long, lonely journey to the mission field in Oxford House, Manitoba. But he was stubborn. As he looked toward the sea from atop  the white cliffs of Dover, he couldn’t bring himself to give up all hope.

Kathleen felt as miserable as the weather, but a nagging voice inside told her it would be too risky to marry a Canadian.

Kathleen felt as miserable as the weather. A voice inside told her it would be impossible for her to marry this Canadian; it was far too risky. So, she had to just let him slip away.

Now you can read the whole, compelling story of what happened to Jack and Kathleen in a new paperback, Kathleen’s Cariole Ride: A True Love Story from over the Ocean and in the Bush after World War 1. 

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