If you would like your novel to be classy and erudite, help is available at your fingers tips by searching Google and Amazon. The reclusive writer can stay put and, with an easy click or two, find out whatever she needs to know to give her novel exciting, accurate substance and details. These put your book in a higher category of enjoyment for your readers than you can on your own.

Examples of How Google Search Box Can Help You as It Did Me

  • tell you the name of a song or poem containing the one line you remember.
  • tell you who said a famous quote.
  • find an article that sums up what the characteristics of a given decade were.
  • take you to the scene of a famous battle, so you can describe it as if you had been there.
  • give the precise meaning of a word you’re considering using
  • check your spelling and foreign language words.
  • refresh your knowledge of any classic related to  your project. It has been digitized by the Gutenberg project and can be downloaded free from Google to  your computer in 30 seconds

The list can go on and on, endlessly. Older writers, like me, don’t cease to be amazed. We used to have to spend long hours in libraries consulting huge reference books to get such information and were not always successful. We still love and support libraries but don’t frequent them when in reclusion.

Examples of How Amazon Search Box Can Help You as It Did Me

  • compare yourself to your competition by looking in the Amazon ‘Books’ category under your book’s subject, such as ‘marriage.’
  • better yet, just ask for bestselling books on your subject.
  • click on a book cover. Every book has a description and author biography. You will get good ideas not only for what to say in  your book but what to say about it and  yourself.
  • most books have a ‘Look Inside’ feature. I used to assume there was nothing more to it than a sample chapter.
  • if you look closely, most also have a search box. If you want to know what the author has to say, for example, about Hurricane Hazel, you can put that name in and every mention of it in the book will be retrieved.

Writers like myself used to have to write indexes for our books. Due to the miracles of the Internet, the ‘Look Inside’ feature now fuflfills that function.

Tip: Don’t ignore the clicks at the tip of your fingers that will make the novel you are writing classy and erudite.