shalottavatarThe theme of a book can be compared to a diagnosis. I declare my novel is on the conflict between community and individuality. The two protagonists embody that classic divide. They are still grappling with it at the end of living more than sixty years together. My book will present itself as a story about marital love but its trouble-maker is this underlying malady. It will entertain the reader with anecdotes and antics from the fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties. It will also shed light on the all-in-you and the you-in-all.

Some Queries to Stimulate Your Interest in My Theme

  • Do you juggle community and individuality well enough in your life?
  • Are texts from a book versus your own preferences irreconcilable?
  • Do you think the balance should be 50-50? Who knows? Is that integrity?
  • Can you change either the community or the individuality in the one you are with?
  • Is the best society the one with strong individuals in charge of strong communities?
  • How can we make ourselves good heroes and heroines of the battle and not get discouraged? The compromises of my protagonists were successful. See their joy!

Writing Secret #5 from Reclusive Lady of Shalott

Tip: Consider your theme well. Imagine your reader relating it to personal and political problems of their own and the world’s, past, present and future. See it as a change agent.