With hard work,  being nice to people, modesty– and of course some luck and help from friends — the owner transformed what was left of a century-old coach house into an electrically-equipped workshop/garage. P'house beforeFrom Rundown Shed to Efficient Garage/Workshop (Kindness Eases Expenses) 
  • Window and installation: $500.
  • New door (friend contractor got it on a job site) $100
  • New roof, old roof removed, new tiles, taking refuse to dump: $4,500
  • New electrical feed to garage for safety (there were no lights in the lane) and to provide for an automatic garage door: $3500.00
  • New garage door on the lane with mechanism and touch remote: $2000 (from friend contractor) Hardware store price quote was $6000.00
P's house after1From Neglected Dump to Paradisal Garden (Hard Work Does the Rest)
  • Apply elbow grease. “I pulled out all the weeds when they were four to five feet tall. It took ten days to clear the yard with a shovel and large knives to dig out roots.”
  • Hoe the lawn flat.
  • Plant  a LOT of grass seed.” Thanks go to Grandpa and my parents for teaching me how to plant and hoe.”
  • Buy plants on sale. “I lugged them home on foot, on the TTC and in taxis because I don’t have a car.”

“Oh! And Buy a Mower.”

P's house after2http://www.amazon.com/author/margaretvirany

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