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P.T. Barnum, author of "The Art of Getting Money"

Greatest Showman P.T. Barnum wrote a book to share 21 sensible resolutions behind his circus business antics.

Twenty-one  golden rules for making money were coined by ‘the Greatest Showman’ P.T. Barnum. How many of them still work 150 years after he wrote them? I would add a 22nd point and put it first: i.e. Get an Education and never stop reading what better brains have written. Being humbled and stimulated by becoming aware of how much you don’t know will help you make better decisions on Barnum’s points that involve judgment. #3 is the most vital, important point. #9 is essential but not at the expense of not reading “for play” all the free classics available electronically through the Gutenberg project so you will be nobody’s fool.

  1. Don’t mistake your vocation
  2. Select the right location
  3. Avoid debt
  4. Persevere
  5. Whatever you do, do it with all your might
  6. Depend upon your own personal exertions
  7. Use the Best Tools
  8. Don’t get above your business. By living up to the motto ‘Excelsior’ (higher) there is no such word as ‘fail’.
  9. Learn something useful
  10. Let hope predominate, but don’t be too visionary
  11. Do not scatter your powers
  12. Be systematic
  13. Read the newspapers
  14. Beware of  ‘outside operations’ (get-rich-quick schemes)
  15. Don’t endorse without security
  16. Advertise your business
  17. “Don’t read the other side”
  18. Be polite and kind to your customers
  19. Be charitable
  20. Don’t blab
  21. Preserve your integrity.
  22. Never stop getting an education. He would have found a way to get a college scholarship. Google online to find out more and spend your time applying. MV

Have a Happy, Prosperous New Year with Abundant Reading & Writing


Following special days in the calendar and finding activities to match the temperature can make for a happy, peaceful rhythm  for a whole wonderful year. One way or another, we focus on coping with the climate. These tips salvaged from our Xmas letter might be helpful to you too:

LesFebparkingValentine’s Day One of our few outings this past, cold winter was to meet Son half way between Pittsburgh and Ottawa because the trip is so long and hazardous. We parked side by side in our Priuses and transferred packages. Then we ate Chinese food together in a restaurant in Mattydale, near the Syracuse, NY airport .


 Mother’s Day Copy of Marg's new chairAnother winter activity for Hubby was to finish making furniture for our house, which he began doing 59 years ago when we got married. By the time Mother’s Day arrived in mid-May, Mom was sitting in her brand new chair and the frosty  mornings and cold nights we’d spent reminiscing and sipping hot drinks in front of the wood-burning stove in the foyer were far-off memories.

christmasboatThe Solstice When the weather finally broke and the ice thawed, we put  our modest sailboat into her berth at the  marina on Lake Deschenes (three minutes from home). By the night of the Summer Solstice, we were going out in the calm hours around sundown, to soak up its last warming rays.

Copy of P's gardenSummer What a joy it was to go and visit Daughter in her beautiful home, with its patio and garden, in July! You would hardly know this oasis is in the studio district on the edge of Leslieville right in the heart of downtown Toronto.Then came August, when all the grandchildren visited our home to celebrate birthdays.

fjordAutumn  In Labour Day week we went on a vacation to the Saguenay Fjord at Tadoussac on the Saint Lawrence River. We went on a cruise and basked in Quebec’s local cuisine and hospitality. The scenery was out of this world and we encountered lots of sea lions and whales up close.

We wish you good ways of coping with the climate and taking advantage of whatever delights are within your reach in 2015. We used to wish people all sorts of wonderful values but this year we’re just promising all those we really care about, and that includes you, that we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Thank you for dropping by. This blog for all lovers of life and language aims to be useful and entertain. Topics vary from how to build a canoe to how my mom moved from “fog to bog” as a war bride after world war one. Writing advice is passed on by word and example. Find out more about A Book of Kells: Growing Up in an Ego Void, Kathleen’s Cariole Ride and Eating at Church  by clicking here.

Happy Reading from Cozy Book Basics!