memorialgardenIt’s hard to be optimistic these days so I look to Voltaire who said at the end of his book, Candide, “We must cultivate our gardens.” After examining all the religious and philosophical explanations of the “best possible world” he adopted a farmer role model’s rational, hard-working, practical path.

  • In northern climes we cling to the prospect of Spring to cheer ourselves up. Everywhere, north and south, we look to children symbolically as our gardens, as the hope for a new and better world.
  • The slain children of Stoneman Douglas high school are our hope for the future. They are buried now, as seeds in a garden.
  • My gardening successes are modest. I planted a herb garden with a geranium in the middle of it. The important thing was that it grew on the bus-stop corner of my front lot.
  • Federal government employees rushing to get on the bus to work dropped their cigarette butts there. The sidewalk plow spattered it with small gravel stones on its way by in winter. The dandelions, plantain and crabgrass that love bad soil and neglectful gardeners had a field day.
  • So for a year I covered it with newspapers weighted down with rocks. Eventually new soil appeared.
  • Someone stole the bloom from the geranium the day after I planted it but I consoled myself thinking it was a young lad seeking to please his girlfriend. I pruned the plant. He had left two buds and the plant revived and carried on.
  • Then I planted parsley and chives so the commuters could have a healthy snack and so could anyone else who wanted to pinch something.
  • Seed catalogs arrive in the mail at this time of year in Canada. Farmers and gardeners plan their cultivating while the blizzards roar outside.
  • Political, grievous events like the Stoneman Douglas epic tragedy render us hopeless but we have to look ahead to building something good that will help others in our open little spaces.
    Let us all turn burial plots into gardens and cultivate them in the name of the fallen heroes!

Would you like to grow a memorial garden? What will it look like? Please write your comments in the box below.

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